What I Want From My Daughter’s School

What I want from my daughter’s school

My older daughter just started preschool. I’ll tell you what I was looking for in a school—for this year and Kindergarten, and probably at least a few years beyond (I can only see so far!). I want the focus to be on the development of her social skills, confidence, resilience, and self-awareness. I want her to learn how to identify…

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Michigan Charter Schools: Ensuring Success Or Replicating Failure?

Michigan charter schools: Ensuring success or replicating failure?

A couple weeks ago, U.S. Secretary of Education John King paid a visit to Detroit, during which time he offered some advice to Michigan education leaders in an interview with Chalkbeat: stop shuttering failing schools, because the schools we’re replacing them with are no better. He went on to question the effectiveness of charter schools in Michigan, which are generally…

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Talent, Not Low Taxes, Delivers Prosperity

Talent, not low taxes, delivers prosperity

Terrific Inc. column by University of Michigan Ross Business School professor Jeff DeGraff entitled It's the Talent Stupid. DeGraff makes the case that low tax states and regions do not have the best economies. Rather it is those who have the best talent. We are now living in an economy where talent is the asset that matters most to enterprise success.…

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Cars As A Service

Cars as a service

One of the new realities is that we are now a service-providing rather than a goods-producing dominant economy. And that high-paying work is now knowledge-based rather than factory-based. These are realities that politics/policy can't change. Those individuals and communities that align with, rather than resist, will do best. Lyft co-founder John Zimmer in his Third Transportation Revolution essay we explored…

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A Tale Of Two Cities’ Transit: What Detroit Can Learn From Denver

A Tale of Two Cities’ Transit: What Detroit can learn from Denver

A recent Politico article by Colin Woodard that describes how a first-rate transportation system has completely transformed metropolitan Denver has left me with a serious case of RTE – Regional Transit Envy. Woodard details how Denver business leaders joined forces with environmentalists, civil servants, and elected officials to convince voters to tax themselves to create a light rail system that…

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