Morgan Stanley On Achieving Inclusive Growth

Morgan Stanley on achieving inclusive growth

Really interesting recommendations from Morgan Stanley and the Low Income Investment Fund on "investing in cities for inclusive growth". Interesting because: A major financial services company is proposing inclusive growth as a national priority and worthy of both public and private investments. They embrace integration as the central strategy citing the work of the Equality of  Opportunity project on integrated neighborhoods…

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The Real Skills Gap

The real skills gap

Odds are, you’ve heard by now that there’s a serious skills gap in this country. And there certainly is one – though it’s just not the one you’re thinking of. There’s a been a lot of talk in Michigan about the shortage of Michiganders prepared for skilled trade jobs. The rationale is that there are well-paying jobs to be had…

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21st Century Skills: A Confidence Booster For College-bound Students

21st Century skills: A confidence booster for college-bound students

In 2002, a coalition of corporate leaders representing organizations such as the AOL Time Warner Foundation, Apple, Cisco, Dell and Microsoft joined forces with the U.S. Department of Education and the National Education Association to develop the Partnership for 21st Century Learning (P-21) and its Framework for 21st Century Learning. The P-21 Framework acknowledges the importance of mastery of core…

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Empowering immigrant leaders: A model from Nashville

Last week I wrote about how critical immigrant populations have been to those cities where a decades-long population decline has slowed or, in some cases, reversed. But fully harnessing the power of immigrants to contribute to the culture and economy involves integrating them into the community. As I suggested last week, one needed approach is cultural—the approach of “being welcoming.”…

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Distinguishing Between High And Low Quality Charter Schools

Distinguishing between high and low quality charter schools

As I feel a need to do every time I write about charter schools, Michigan Future is a long time supporter of charters and more broadly education choice. Still are. But we have been disappointed in the results of charters (choice too) in Michigan––particularly in our central cities. Its in urban areas where breakthrough charters are concentrated. Have best fulfilled…

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