What We Miss When We Focus Only On Test Scores

What we miss when we focus only on test scores

At Michigan Future, we’ve been making the argument for some time now that our k-12 accountability systems need to measure schools based on the outcomes that matter most: what happens to students after they leave k-12. This is far different than what we do now. And therefore, our current system tells us very little about actual school quality. Our current…

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More And Better Parks Can Help Position Detroit To Attract More Millennials

More and better parks can help position Detroit to attract more millennials

When my husband and I moved to a high-rise building near the Renaissance Center in Detroit in 2000, calling our new neighborhood “downtown” would be an aspirational description at best. The city center we moved to lacked amenities so basic that even our apartment’s stunning views of the Detroit River and Belle Isle barely made up for it. We had…

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New Report Shares The Impact Of Over-incarceration On Kids

New report shares the impact of over-incarceration on kids

At MFI, we were already supportive of prison reform that helps nonviolent criminals stay out of jail when appropriate, not least because doing time severely limits one’s ability to participate meaningfully in the economy following release. When we look at what it will take for Michigan to be prosperous again, we need to be removing barriers to employment, and those…

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Why Do We Want To Be Like Those States?

Why do we want to be like those states?

In my last post we looked at evidence that the most prosperous non-energy states were those with the highest college attainment, not the lowest taxes. In this post I want to look at the states the tax cutters in Lansing are telling us we need to emulate. The argument of many advocating for an elimination of the state income tax…

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Educational Attainment And The American Dream

Educational attainment and the American dream

Late last year, Stanford economist Raj Chetty and colleagues published an important set of data that measured just how many Americans achieve the American dream. They define the American dream as the ideal that a child will earn more money, and enjoy a higher standard of living, than their parents did. Economists refer to this as the absolute mobility. And…

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