Worth Reading And Watching

Worth reading and watching

I keep intending to do a post on what I am reading. But there turns out to be too much interesting to write about and I never get around to it. There are three books I have read recently that I highly recommend. And one YouTube video to watch. Two books on education, one on placemaking. All that take on…

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Toward A Michigan Policy Agenda That Prioritizes The Actual Needs Of Taxpayers Over The Perceived Desires Of Corporations

Toward a Michigan policy agenda that prioritizes the actual needs of taxpayers over the perceived desires of corporations

A few months ago, Michigan Future Inc. introduced its first-ever state policy agenda. In it, we argue that rising income for all Michiganders should be the policy goal for Michigan’s leaders and we offer three levers to accomplish that goal: schools from birth through college that are organized around giving students broad, 21st century skills to succeed in college and…

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Tax Cuts Not The Answer To The Great Decoupling

Tax cuts not the answer to the Great Decoupling

In our first ever state policy agenda we identify dealing with the Great Decoupling as the preeminent economic challenge of our times. Figuring out how everyone benefits from a growing economy, rather than just those at the top. In the report we make the case that cutting taxes is not the way to combat the Great Decoupling. That as Michigan…

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Collateral Consequences: Making Prisoner Reentry Harder And Recidivism More Likely

Collateral Consequences: Making prisoner reentry harder and recidivism more likely

Last week I summarized the section of our recently released paper, A Path to Good-paying Careers for all Michiganders: Sharing prosperity with those not participating in the high-wage knowledge-based economy, that focuses on necessary reforms to the criminal justice system. I mentioned briefly that in most states, having a criminal record can make you ineligible for certain state benefits. People reentering…

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Why Criminal Justice Reform Is A Part Of Our Path To Prosperity

Why criminal justice reform is a part of our path to prosperity

If you’ve been following this blog, you know we recently released the second in-depth topic paper outlining the proposed policy changes that we believe can help put Michigan back on a path to prosperity. To us, a prosperous state is one in which almost every adult is working, and where that work pays a good wage. Along with two other…

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