New Bill In Oregon Addresses Housing Affordability–by Limiting Local Control

New bill in Oregon addresses housing affordability–by limiting local control

Oregon's legislature is considering a fascinating, and controversial, bill to remove certain local controls over development in favor of new, faster development and higher density. The Atlantic's "City Lab" reports: H.B. 2007 would preempt residential downzoning in cities, meaning a neighborhood couldn’t seek lower density than its current status. It would also preempt cities or counties from banning accessory dwelling…

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Kansas Rs Raise Taxes, Michigan Ds MIA

Kansas Rs raise taxes, Michigan Ds MIA

Kansas' Republican dominated state legislature overrode a gubernatorial veto to raise taxes ending Governor Brownback's failed supply side tax cut experiment. That, as we have explored previously, resulted in an economy lagging the nation and budget shortfalls that required reduced spending on education and other basic services. The Washington Post reports that 18 of the state’s 31 GOP senators and…

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How We Integrate Michigan’s Neighborhoods And Schools

How we integrate Michigan’s neighborhoods and schools

In the report we released last week detailing our recommendations for redesigning Michigan’s education system, we target a range of areas for reform. From curriculum and pedagogy to funding and accountability, just about every facet of our education system calls for change. But if we had to pull one lever that would most dramatically change life outcomes for non-affluent Michigan…

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Transforming How We Pay And Develop Educators

Transforming how we pay and develop educators

In the report we released last week detailing our recommendations for how to reform Michigan’s education system, we dedicate an entire section to the one factor upon which just about everything else depends: the human capital working in and supporting our schools. For many Michigan children, our education system is focused solely on a narrow set of math and reading…

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Building The 6 Cs And Earning College Degrees In Michigan

Building the 6 Cs and earning college degrees in Michigan

On Wednesday we released a report detailing our recommendations for how to redesign Michigan’s education system, birth through college. Our recommendations are based on the understanding that to thrive in today’s ever-changing knowledge economy, students need to develop a range of skills that go far beyond what’s measured by standardized tests, and have the opportunity to earn a four-year degree.…

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