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In The News: State Policies Matter

What Michigan can learn from Minnesota Detroit News June 27, 2014 It’s an article of faith among many elected officials that low taxes and tight-fisted government spending are essential to healthy state economies.Minnesota has for decades adhered to a different strategy, one that embraces high taxes to fund education, transportation, a strong social safety net […]



A Tale of Two States: Shareable Graphics for Michigan Future’s Latest Report 6

Michigan Future’s latest report looks at Minnesota, the most prosperous state in the region with the lowest unemployment rate, and the public policies that have helped it achieve that status. Below we will release shareable graphics that demonstrate some of the staggering data uncovered in the report. Follow the links below to download the graphics to share on […]

Lou Glazer’s interview on Stateside: Is college always the best choice for high school grads?

President Lou Glazer sat down with Cynthia Canty of Michigan Radio’s Stateside, and Glenda Price, former President of Marygrove College in Detroit, to discuss the question: Is college truly the right choice for all high school grads? Are we overlooking the opportunities offered by skilled trades and other careers that do not require a degree?. Listen to the […]

Lou Glazer’s interview on Stateside: Higher education at the core of Michigan’s revival

President Lou Glazer sat down with Cynthia Canty of Michigan Radio’s Stateside to discuss why globalization and technology are more powerful in creating a new Michigan than politics or policy. Listen to the full story here.

Lou’s New Presentation

The below presentation includes updated data on the most and least prosperous states and identifies the characteristics of the states with the most successful economies. Together they make the case for a new Michigan. The presentation concludes with our new agenda: what Michigan needs to do to become one of the states with the most […]

Paul Hillegonds: The Next Fifty Years in Michigan

Paul Hillegonds – Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs, DTE Energy and Board member, Michigan Future, Inc. – in celebration of Grand Valley State University’s 50th Anniversary was asked to deliver an address on what the next 50 years holds for Michigan. The speech builds on the work of Michigan Future. In it Paul describes his […]


Lou’s 4th annual progress report presentation

The following presentation is an overview of the 4th Annual Progress update on Michigan’s transition to a knowledge-based economy. The presentations builds on the ideas and research of the New Agenda for a New Michigan initiative. Lou Glazer, the CEO of Michigan Future Inc., regularly gives this presentation at talks around the state. Read through […]

Young Detroiters Working to Retain Talent

A vital component of retaining talent is creating opportunities for young professionals to meaningfully engage with their community. We want opportunities to build our leadership skills, tap into our potential, and network with other enthusiastic young adults. Recently, I enjoyed such an experience at the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (YNPN) National Conference, held in Grand […]

Place Comes First

Place trumps everything. Among my college educated friends who have yet to start families, they’d sooner move (and many have) to an exciting or beautiful place without a job prospect, than to stay in or move to Southeast Michigan with an excellent job offer. While there are exceptions, my husband and I included, the overarching […]