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Ideas to Transform the Michigan Economy

Michigan targeting declining sectors

MiBiz asked Governor Snyder in a year end interview “Looking ahead to the next legislative session, what’s on your agenda to further improve the state’s business climate?” The Governor’s response: “Number one would be career tech education for the skilled trades. If you look at it, people know about (becoming a) welder, plumber and electrician. […]

Higher wages cure labor shortages continued

What to do about labor shortages (real or perceived) in the skilled trades/mid-skill jobs is a top economic priority for Governor Snyder. As we explored in our last post he is pushing for a reemphasis on vocation programming in high schools. And now has created a super agency––the Department of Talent and Economic Development. It […]

Higher wages cure labor shortages 1

Corporate and political leadership continue to complain about the inability to find workers in the skilled trades/mid-skill jobs. Their solution is to go back to tracking kids––almost certainly others, not theirs––into vocational programs. One problem: if there are labor shortages, and many doubt there is, the prime cause is not an education system that over […]

Good business climate, not so good economy continued

As we explored in my last post, Michigan is now a top tier state in ratings of business climate, but a lower tier state in what matters to Michiganders: jobs and income. For at least two decades we have been told by most policy makers and businesses that reducing the cost of doing business in […]

Good business climate, not so good economy

The well-respected Tax Foundation recently released their 2015 State Business Tax Climate Index report. Michigan is rated the 13th best business climate in the country. The same ranking Michigan had in 2013 and 2014. In 2012 the state ranked 27th. So on the measure we are told repeatedly by Lansing policy makers and the business […]

We are now a poor state continued

As we explored in our last post Michigan is now structurally a lower tier state in per capita income. And in the bottom ten in per capita income without transfer payments.  We believe per capita income is a best measure of economic well being. It is the most comprehensive and reliable estimate of income of […]

We are now a poor state 4

The reality is, whether we are willing to admit it or not, Michigan is now one of the country’s poorest states. That is the unambiguous message of the table below. It shows Michigan’s rank among the 50 states plus D.C. The left hand column is per capita income, the right per capita income minus government […]


Not so rewarding technical training 2

Increasingly the story we are being told about the economy is that there are too many people with four-year degrees and not enough with training for mid-skill jobs. Needing something like an associates degree with an occupational major or occupational certificate. And increasingly we are also being told that getting a four-year degree in a […]