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Ideas to Transform Michigan Schools

Jobs-altering technology

One of the new economic realities, that can’t be altered by politics or public policy, is that smarter and smarter machines are going to accelerate creative destruction of jobs, occupations and even industries. The job, occupation and even the industry you work in today are less secure than yesterday, and will be even less secure […]

Employment growth by education attainment

The Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce is a constant source of outstanding analysis on the relationship between education attainment and employment and wages. Their new report America’s Divided Recovery is worth reading. The report analyzes changes in employment by education attainment from just before the onset of the Great Recession (December 2007) […]

21st Century education outcomes

Michigan Future is working on its first ever state policy agenda. The agenda will be designed to identify state policies that can raise living standards of all Michiganders. A  big component of the agenda will be improving education attainment. Below is how we are thinking about education policy. Starting with what capacities are we trying […]

Michigan Future Schools lessons learned

There are six big takeaways from our MFS’ work: An unregulated marketplace diminishes quality teaching and learning As we explored previously, the consequence of an unregulated education marketplace with little or no quality standards is too many schools chasing too few students. Which leaves all education operators unstable––both public school districts and charters. And that […]

Michigan Future Schools ending

Our Michigan Future Schools initiative has come to an end. For the past seven years it has been a major component of our work. The initiative was designed to help launch new high schools in the city of Detroit that prepared students to graduate from college, not just high school. It was initiated and funded […]

21st century education

Someone asked me for my ideas on what should the Governor’s new 21st Century Education Commission recommend. And to do it with no more than four recommendations. Difficult assignment. Before getting to the two lists I did, a bit of context. I start with two pillars in thinking about education whether it is just k-12 […]

Wrong track Michigan policy

Two must-read columns. One entitled Distractions turn dysfunction for Snyder, GOP is written by Daniel Howes, Detroit News business columnist. Writing about Michigan’s horrible k-12 student outcomes he writes: It’s embarrassing. It’s also a harsh indictment of the recurring public-policy fights between retrograde union interests, the education establishment and a Republican agenda determined to purge […]

Cities and schools again

Following up on my last post about the importance of quality schools and local governments I thought it worthwhile to rerun a post I wrote nearly two years ago. Its as relevant to Michigan’s future success today as it was then. I wrote: “Included in my standard presentation is this quote from Harvard economist Edward […]

Alarm bell reports

Two new reports should be setting off alarm bells among Michigan’s leaders, both political and business. One comes from Ed Trust Midwest entitled Michigan Achieves! More accurately, it would be Michigan doesn’t achieve. The report details Michigan’s status as a national laggard in student achievement and going in the wrong direction fast. All Michigan students, […]