Inclusiveness Isn’t Just A Feel-good Notion; It’s An Economic Imperative

Inclusiveness isn’t just a feel-good notion; it’s an economic imperative

In researching my recent report for Michigan Future about how metropolitan Minneapolis became one of the wealthiest and most livable regions of the country, one issue was repeatedly cited to me by business and community leaders: the need to become more inclusive. That’s not something you hear much about from metro Detroit’s business leaders, who are more focused on taxes…

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The 99 Percent In Michigan And Minnesota

The 99 percent in Michigan and Minnesota

Important new report from the Economic Policy Institute on the continuing pulling away of the top one percent from the bottom 99 percent. The big picture story is as EPI writes: Examining the growth of income over the past century, we find growth was broadly shared from 1945 to 1973 and highly unequal from 1973 to 2007, with the latter pattern…

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Questions We All Should Be Asking 2018 Candidates

Questions we all should be asking 2018 candidates

Over the last year, I’ve been traveling Michigan and speaking to groups about the need for a new economic agenda for our state, one that puts a good-paying career for all front and center. Such an agenda reflects understanding that in good times and bad far too many Michigan households are experiencing declining or stagnant incomes. Since the turn of…

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Minnesotans Doing Better Than Wisconsinites

Minnesotans doing better than Wisconsinites

Important report from the Economic Policy Institute comparing the economic progress Minnesota and Wisconsin have made since the 2010 election. EPI describes the economic paths the two states have taken this way: Governor Walker and the Wisconsin state legislature have pursued a highly conservative agenda centered on cutting taxes, shrinking government, and weakening unions. In contrast, Minnesota under Governor Dayton…

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Full Employment And Too Many Low Wage Jobs

Full employment and too many low wage jobs

The Atlantic recently explored what the American economy might look like with full employment. Using today's  metro Des Moines as the example. It's a region with very low unemployment and a high employment to population ratio. What is happening in Des Moines is reaffirmation that full employment matters. It tilts the balance of power towards workers in an economy that…

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