Michigan Is A Low-prosperity State Detailed

Michigan is a low-prosperity state detailed

For the first time ever Michigan is a low-prosperity state with a strong domestic auto industry. The recovery from the Great Recession has produced lots of jobs. Which is good news indeed. But in terms of the economic well-being of Michigan households the news is not as good. From 1929––the year the federal government started calculating per capita income––through 2000…

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Foxconn, General Motors And Business Tax Breaks

Foxconn, General Motors and business tax breaks

First came news about Foxconn not building a 13,000 employee manufacturing plant in Wisconsin. Then the next day came stories that they were going to continue with plans to build the manufacturing facility. Who know what will finally happen. What is clear is that if they build a plant it will not be the one that was promised when Wisconsin…

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The Growing BA Household Income Premium

The growing BA household income premium

We continue to be constantly barraged with messages that for many not pursuing a four-year degree is the best course of action. Some version of if you don't get a BA in a STEM field you are at high risk of being crushed by student loans and unable to realize the American Dream. It's nonsense! That the conventional wisdom is…

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Marco Rubio And Restoring The American Dream

Marco Rubio and restoring the American Dream

In a previous post we quoted Republican United States Senator Marco Rubio on the need for an American economy that provides more middle class jobs. In an article for the Atlantic Rubio entitled America Needs to Restore Dignity of Work, Rubio writes: There was once a path to a stable and prosperous life in America that has since closed off.…

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Cosmetology Schools And Crushing Student Loans

Cosmetology schools and crushing student loans

I'm sure some of you are asking yourself "what does cosmetology schools have to do with crushing student loans?". The preeminent story––which we are told over and over again by the media and way too many of our business and political leaders––about student loans is that it is students who get four-year degrees in non STEM fields who are being…

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