Reforming Capitalism Through A Robust Safety Net

Reforming capitalism through a robust safety net

This is our third recent post on reforming capitalism so that it works for all. The first featured the writings of hedge fund billionaire Ray Dalio on the reality for forty years growth in the American economy has not benefited the bottom 60 percent and a call for action to change that reality. The second featured the ideas of venture…

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Lessons From Boston On Creating Quality Charter Schools

Lessons from Boston on creating quality charter schools

Michigan Future is a long time supporter of charter schools. But not any charter. Our support has been for quality charter schools, those that are getting breakthrough gains in student outcomes. So we were opposed to the legislation that removed the cap on the number of charter schools in Michigan without any quality standards for additional charters. That Michigan has…

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BA Attainment As An Equity Priority

BA attainment as an equity priority

Terrific Forbes column by thinkLaw’s Colin Seale. It is entitled The Equity Problem With Saying 'College Isn't For Everyone’. Seale is exactly right to label four-year degree attainment an equity issue. Are there some with four-year degrees who struggle economically? Of course. Are there some without four-year degrees who are economically well off? Also, of course. That said, the data…

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Reforming Capitalism Through Employer Mandates

Reforming capitalism through employer mandates

In our state policy agenda we advocate for augmenting wages and benefits through some combination of employer mandates and/or a strengthened safety net. And note that the employer mandate recommendations is the area where we have the most disagreement amongst the Michigan Future board and staff. What is clear to us is that Michigan cannot reach the goal of rising…

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Technology Destroying Good-paying Jobs And Careers

Technology destroying good-paying jobs and careers

Two highly recommended recent New York Times articles on how technology is destroying good-paying jobs and careers. The first, written by Kevin Roose, is entitled The hidden agenda of the Davos elites. The second, written by Eduardo Porter, is entitled Tech is splitting the U.S. workforce in two. The Rose column will scare the hell out of you. It compellingly…

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